Fear of what others might think of you if you dress that way? Or wear this?

Fear of judgement often comes from people pleasers, or HSPs or low self-confidence.

People pleasing is a common emotion that arises from people who lack self-confidence. (it all comes back to it eventually huh?) Indeed, people pleasers need validation from others in order to feel good about themselves.

I used to live for pleasing people. And that is exactly when I lost myself.

By following peoples' advice, you usually pursue their vision of things or their unrealised dreams. And you end up not knowing what your dreams were about in the first place. You then, find yourself alone not knowing why you did this or that in the first place and you loose all sense of self-confidence.

My self confidence was lower than the sea level and my I'd have my body walking but the thoughts of other people in my head. (and as many opinions as the number of people within my entourage).

So this is my humble advice. You'll never please everyone or have the approval of everyone because we are all different in so so so many ways. And thank god for that ! Every single person on this planet thinks differently r see things in different ways.

Stop right away ! Be your unique self ! Be who you genuinely are. Because at the end of the day, it's just you. You live for yourself. You accomplish things for your life to feel good and be good. For you to feel happiness. For you to feel fulfilled.

Jump the damn fence! Wear the leopard hat, wear the tutu. As long as it makes YOU feel good. It's the only thing that literally matters. When you feel great about yourself, it shows on your face and in your body language. And you attract nice people (if you're a nice one too), like minded people, great opportunities.

Great stuff is coming your way !

Change your mind, change your attitude, see the world from a different angle, protect yourself, be self confident. The world will smile back to you, I promise.