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Hello, I'm Margaux 

I help you blossom into your best self.

An online image consultant and self confidence booster who believes every woman has a super (s)hero within herself.


I’m a passionate french entrepreneur who has lived in and explored a large portion of the globe. Following my time abroad, I returned back to France where I obtained my certification as an image consultant.


Forever in love with fashion, people and culture, I wandered the world doing what I do best: unleashing the full potential women hid so deep inside.

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Dare to become who you really are.


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clients' pain points

Tell me, is this you?

You are struggling with your body image and feel like you've
"lost your way".

You're tired of fearing others' judgement while choosing your clothes in the morning.

You feel frustrated 
every time you set eyes on your wardrobe.

You dream of having tangible steps to implement to ensure ongoing self-love & expression.


Imagine if...

  • You finally feel confident enough to ask for that pay raise.

  • You are able to step into your fullest potential and no longer get stopped by limiting beliefs.

  • Your Image & inner self are fully aligned, and you express yourself without the need to talk. 

  • You are self confident, you know who you are and what you want. You can achieve anything you dream of.

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The Revelation

A proven pathway to take women from 
self-doubt to self- confidence  in 30 days.

a computer
  • 4 Modules (Full Image Consulting)

  • 1 Bonus Module 

  • 4 customised PDF to you for each module (lifetime access)

  • 5 x 1h Zoom calls

  • WhatsApp availability

What's inside the program



Reveal Yourself

This is the part where I get to really know who you are.

This is a moment for you, where you can express your needs & wants for the length of our collaboration. 

Colour Remedy 

You won't ever have a dull complexion again.

This is the module where you get to learn which colours suit you best.

Warrior Body

You'll feel fabulous for the rest of your life. Know your body type, your complexes & know how to Dress for ongoing self-love.

The Closet

Now we got to know each other, we create YOUR very own style so you can express who you really are with self confidence and become the go getter you've always wanted to be. 

What my clients say

What my clients say

What my clients say

Is "The Revelation"
right for you?

This is for you if...

This is NOT for you if...

clients' pain points
clients' pain points
  • You’re looking to take responsibility

  • You want to achieve what you’ve always dreamt of without doubting yourself so much 

  • You want to gain real self confidence through your image 

  • You’re ready to reveal the person you really are and embrace her 

  • You’re looking for someone to support you through the whole process 

  • You expect the program to resolve all your problems 

  • You’re not ready to act on it and make changes 

  • You’re half committed 

  • You are reluctant to raw honesty

Let's make magic

If you're tired of being frustrated when you look at your wardrobe and you're tired of fearing others' judgements when dressing up as you please, this is for you ! ​

You won't regret it. 

This program will allow you to get to know yourself,

completely own who you are and shout it out to the world.


If going from self-doubt to self-confidence in 30 days sounds good to you, book your spot now. 


Free Colour Definition Guide

The real meaning of colours.

Your ultimate guide to knowing which colours to wear according to what you want & need.

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